Liars are the worst, and sadly, cheaters are some of the best liars out there. Once they get caught, they’ll probably list off all these things cheaters say. Don’t fall for it. Nothing’s going to change, and cheaters are always going to be cheaters. (Unless they really want to save the relationship.) In the middle of all of these lies and deception, how can you know for sure if your girlfriend is cheating? Here are some signs I wish I’d recognized earlier in my relationship with my ex.

She’s Too Busy To See You

Whether she only just started staying late at the office several times a week, or she’s out shopping with her girlfriends constantly, she’s not spending time with you. Life gets hectic every now and then, but people make time for the things they care about. If she’s not making an effort to see you, she might be cheating. She can only give so many excuses until they become typical things cheaters say.

She’s Protective Of Her Phone

Does your girlfriend ever leave her phone unattended?

Does your girlfriend never put down her phone?

Before, your girlfriend didn’t care about leaving her phone unattended or face-up. Now, she takes her phone with her every time she goes to another room – even the bathroom. Even if she knows that you won’t snoop through her phone, she might be paranoid that you’ll discover her secret. It could be anything from inappropriate texts with a male coworker to several dating apps downloaded on her phone.

She Doesn’t Want To Have Sex

A low sex drive could be caused by a number of factors, such as stress, fatigue, and hormones. But, combined with the two other suspicious behaviors I mentioned above, she could be cheating on you if she’s never in the mood to have sex. Why? Because some other guy might be meeting all of her sexual needs instead.

All of these signs probably mean that she’s cheating on you – or, at the very least, something is very wrong. Before jumping to conclusions, though, sit her down when you’re both in a good mood and tell her how her actions have been making you feel. You should also ask if she’s okay and if there’s anything she’d like to share with you. From there, the conversation will take its course. Good luck.

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