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These days it’s hard to find an area of life that isn’t in some way affected by technology. The impact is most noticeable in relationships. When people are glued to their phones, they are not talking or connecting. While there are benefits to having so much technology, it does have an impact. Social media has helped people connect in a whole new way, but they talk even less in person. If long distance is your problem, here is some tips for long distance relationships



Fighting Over Technology

What people don’t realize is that there are also a lot of negative effects to technology. Many people use this wide range of technology to cheat on their partners. You can find out with a cell phone spy app

Lower Attention Spans

One of the more obvious impact that technology has is that they have much lower attention spans than before. This is due to several factors, including the heavy use of social media and video games by kids. This is beginning at earlier ages than ever. A lower attention span affects kids’ ability to focus and school. Also affects their ability to build and sustain healthy relationships.

Poor Social Lives

While there are ways that technology brings people together, through social media and online dating apps. For example, there are also plenty of reasons why technology has had a negative impact upon people’s social lives as well. These days, many people have the majority of their interaction with others through a screen. While this may make it more convenient, it is not more authentic or genuine.

There is also a tendency for people to play video games, watch Netflix, or binge on social media in order to gain a sense of connection with other people. These surface-level connections have become a way for people to get shallow connections with others. As a result, people’s relationships have suffered due to their spending more and more time investing into online relationships and activities rather than those of their actual relationships.

Availability of Media

Another way that technology has negatively impacted people is by making media so available. This is a positive thing in many ways, but having apps like Spotify, Netflix, and iTunes on someone’s phone means that they have access to virtually any song or movie after just a few clicks. Someone used to have to go to Blockbuster or BestBuy to get a CD, and now it’s all in their pocket. This lessens the value of technology in general, and people have started to take for granted all of the media that they have access to.


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Unhealthy Comparison

It’s becoming normal for people to compare their lives to others. Others who may have more money and be far more successful than they are. Someone who works a 9-5 job 5 days a week may see someone who spends all of their time traveling to beautiful places and become jealous and discontented with their own life. You have to remember that these are unhealthy comparisons before using technology. If you enjoyed reading this, check my last post about catching my partner cheating.

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