I’m not the only person to have a problem with cheating. A friend of mine shared her story, and it’s a sad one. Enjoy! “Did you know that Facebook now gives people the option to send secret messages? I didn’t, until I caught my boyfriend using them to cheat on me with an old girlfriend. Apparently users can set those messages to disappear after a certain amount of time so you can see that a message was sent but you can’t see the message. Facebook wanted to give users the same options that people have using apps like WhatsApp or Snap Chat, but there’s no good reason why anyone would need to send secret messages unless they are doing something shady. Of course, I was already suspecting him of cheating, which is why I chose to spy on texts way before I found info on Facebook.

How It Started

I knew my girlfriend had added his old girlfriend on Facebook. She sent him a friend request, and he told me about it and told me it was innocent and that she just wanted to catch up. I didn’t think anything of it at first. We’ve been married for fifteen years, and I thought our relationship was pretty solid. Our kids are almost grown, and we have built a pretty decent life together. At first I had no need for looking into how to cell phone spy without target phone.

Spy on texts? There are ways to do that.

Facebook can be the place to catch your cheater.

But I noticed that after he accepted her friend request, he started to be on his phone and tablet more and more often. When I asked him what he was doing, he said that he was just messaging a friend. But then I noticed that he would get up early to check messages and stay up late to check messages. A couple of times I even caught him getting up in the middle of the night to grab his phone and check his messages. I started to think that I need to spy on texts he was receiving. 

I started to get suspicious of how much time he was spending online messaging. We’re friends on Facebook and there was nothing suspicious on his public page. She commented on some of his posts but there was no visible flirtation or anything between them. But I had that feeling in my gut, that feeling that tells you that something isn’t quite right.

The Next Steps

At first, I didn’t want to stoop to snooping through his phone. I’ve never been a mistrustful person and he’d never given me any reason not to trust him before. But as his obsessive behavior continued for a couple of months I started getting more and more uneasy. I needed to know what he was doing and who he was messaging. That’s when I started to spy on texts he was receiving.

Then, one night when he was asleep, and I was up reading a book on my Kindle I heard the message alert go off on his phone. After checking to make sure he was deeply asleep, I grabbed his phone and looked at his Facebook Messenger. My worst fears were confirmed. He’d been exchanging inappropriate messages with his ex for months. He was using Facebook secret messages to do it. As I read her message to him, a notification popped up telling me the message would disappear one minute after I read it. Sure enough, the message disappeared. I could see a message bubble showing a message had been sent, but the words disappeared. That would never happen if I had a spy on texts app.

So ladies if you have that feeling in your gut that your spouse is doing something they shouldn’t don’t ignore it. Be aware that they could be using Facebook and sending secret messages that you won’t be able to see.”

As most of you know, being cheated on is one of the reason I started this blog. So, this is just one of the many awful ways to find out you’ve been cheated on.

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