If you read my previous post, hopefully you learned some tips on how a relationship can survive even after cheating. This post however, will tell you what to do if you cannot make it work after someone cheats. Finding out the person you thought you loved has been cheating on you is one of the hardest things to get through. Trust me, I know from experience. This blog is going to let you in on some secrets and tools to use if there are signs she’s cheating in your relationship.

Suspicions Arise

Personally, I think that anxiety is one of, if not the worst emotion a person can feel. Although there is some good anxiety, worrying about if she is cheating is not one of them. If you believe your girlfriend might be cheating, you are probably thinkings a lot of negative thoughts, probably acting differently towards her and probably not being yourself. All of these things can actually hurt your relationship even more, especially if your suspicions were wrong.

Put Your Mind At Ease

Throughout my suspicions I was looking all over the internet to find out if there was a way to tell if my girlfriend was cheating on me. I found a great ebook, “7 Signs She’s Cheating On You And How To Catch Her In The Act,” that helped me to confirm my suspicions. If you are looking for signs she’s cheating, then hopefully this ebook can help you as well! Going through life being uncertain is no way to live. If you have suspicions, chances are they are already affecting your relationship, as well as, your life. Put your mind at ease and find out if all of your worrying is for nothing. You want to live your life rather than live with uncertainty.

How To Move On

Don't give up on love.

Moving on can be hard, but you might find the one!

Once you put your mind at ease and your suspicions happened to be correct, like mine were, it is now time to move on. This is the hardest part, something I am still trying to do. Having someone cheat on you makes you lose your trust not only in that person, but in all people. I know that this was the case for me. I have been having a hard time trusting any girl that I try to get to know. This makes it impossible to start a real relationship. Living in fear of what a past relationship did to you makes it difficult to even believe you should try again with someone new. My advice to you is to get out there and if it doesn’t work out then try again. A cheater should not take away your ability to love, but rather motivate you to find someone better. In my opinion you now know what you don’t like in a relationship and therefore you can look for pros in another.

If you believe your girlfriend is cheating on you and would like to talk with me some more, please contact me here!