Have you ever been in a long distance relationship or considered one? If so, then you’ve probably heard more than once that “long distance relationships never work.” And in the past, that used to be true. Limited communication and no time together meant almost certain death for any relationship. But these days, technology make these types of relationships a lot more viable. Now it’s not unusual at all for a couple thrive and have a strong relationship, even if they’re hundreds of miles away from each other.

Long distance relationships can be necessary for many different reasons. Sometimes, one person works in a field, like the military, where periods of separation come with the territory. Other times, one person may need to relocate to take care of a sick family member, find a job in their profession, or finish attending college.

How Technology Connects Couples All Over The World

Now, couples can stay connected almost all the time. With apps like FaceTime and Skype, couples who are geographically apart can see and hear each other whenever they want. They can also share articles and other information with each other instantly, add animations and emojis to texts, and stay connected through social media. In addition, couples that are separated by distance can still watch TV together, talk frequently, and do all the things they would do if they were living together. This means a long distance relationship can stay strong over the years, with occasional in person visits.

Social media helps us all stay connected.

You can stay connected to your significant other, no matter where you are.

Long distance relationships are no longer just for people who are dating, either. After the economic recession, many married couples found themselves facing a huge dilemma. If they weren’t able to sell their home, but one spouse had to take a job far away, couples just switched to long distance. This helped them save money and continue to bring money into the household. Military couples know all about the challenges of making a long distance marriage work. But thanks to technology, it’s now more possible than ever.

Why Some People Prefer Being Long Distance

Some couples even find that a long distance marriage suits them better than living together. As couples grow apart over time, they may start to fight over household chores. But if one person moves away, they can talk and video chat whenever they want. This helps them remember what it was that made them fall in love in the first place. Visits and constant communication with apps like FaceTime can be the perfect solution for marriages where both people are more independent. There are many different ways to make a marriage work, and sometimes not seeing each other everyday is the best way to keep a relationship strong. So if you’ve been considering a long distance relationship, but you’re worried that they all fail, don’t worry. As long as you have a smartphone or a tablet, your relationship should be fine.

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