I found that the Echo Show, which just came out with a new version, is the perfect hack to make our closed-off vintage charmer function the way that a modern family needs it to function. I put an Echo Dot, the small version of the Echo, in each room. That way from the hub of the Echo Show in the kitchen I can reach the kids no matter what room they are in and tell them to come down for dinner, or to put their backpacks away, or when it’s lights out. I also can get them up in the morning without having to shout which is fantastic. And they don’t disrupt my spy apps.

The Device

The Echo Show syncs up to other Amazon devices and services so I can use it to watch video instructions when I’m cooking, or watch TV, or listen to music, or order items from Amazon or Instacart. I can call and video chat with my mom or my friends, and my husband loves to call in and video chat when he’s on his lunch break at work. But what I love is that the Echo Show syncs up to our smart home devices too so that I can use our digital surveillance cameras to keep an eye on what the kids are doing all without leaving the kitchen.

I can even check out the yard and outside the door to make sure that the kids didn’t leave their bikes outside or that the dog didn’t escape the fence again. Everything I need to do or see I can do and see from the Echo Show and I love not having to shout all over the house to get the attention of my kids or my wife.

Get One!

If you have been hesitating to try an Amazon Echo Show now is the perfect time to pick one up. You can great deals on the new version that just came out or if you want to try it out without spending a lot of money at first you can pick up the earlier model at a huge discount now that the new version is out. Try one and you’ll be amazed at how much it will simplify your home life and create more peace and happiness in the house.

Your kids may not be too happy with it but that’s to be expected. No one wants to be told to wake up at 6 AM or to work on their math homework. But at least you will be able to do things without having to go upstairs every time or scream up the stairs in the morning to get them out of bed.

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